We Keep Your Business Connected

Todays business is all about connection. From your office space to the business floor our goal is to keep your company up and running. You expect your network to preform around the clock to keep point of sales, backups, telephones, and wireless at it’s best. Our commitment is to provide the right equipment, quality service and timely installs, because we understand the¬†substantial¬†significance connectivity is to you.



It all starts here. The backbone of your connections start with a dependable link to you network. Most network peripheral devices including computers, printers, VoIP, Wireless Access Points, require a data cable from your main network equipment. From 1 cable to a 100, we pull, terminate, label and test all your Cat 5 & Cat 6 data cables. What about network switches, modems, and routers? Yep, we do that too!



Your phone system is critical to your business, and voice connectivity is in transition from analog to VoIP protocols. Our trained technicians a well trained and knowledgeable in both of these standards. If you phone system is in need of service from troubleshooting to upgrading we have you covered.


Complete and reliable coverage over wireless makes all the difference in your business. From employees to customers they are constantly connected, so let them connect to you! With the right wireless system you can get the information you would like to capture from your customers and create effortless monitoring of employees. If you current wireless system is not performing or working, we can troubleshoot the issue and present solutions to fit your budget. If you need to upgrade. we can install a scaleable wireless system that can grow with your business.

We’ve Got You Covered

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A Family Company

Genghis Comm is established as a family company. I was taught quality service and network connectivity standards by my father-in-law, who was taught by is dad. I know have passed this knowledge to by brother and now my kids. We are proudly family owned and operated with generations of experience, including over 20 years in Colorado. Outside of work, I love to camp, hunt, fish and snowboard with my family. As technology has changed over the years Genghis Comm has always been a leader to keep you connected.


Genghis Comm

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